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    Liquitex was the first water-based acrylic paint created in 1955 and since then we have partnered with artists to ensure that we continually evolve and innovate –resulting in a long history of acrylic innovation that includes:  

    • The first Acrylic Gloss and Matte Mediums.
    • The first lecture demonstration program in 1965, which continues today as The Fine Art Collective.                Glaminate Tube
    • The first removable acrylic varnish in 1967, which has evolved into today’s Soluvar Removable Varnish.     
    • The first paint to be labeled for ASTM standards, toxicity, quality and lightfastness.
    • The first value series acrylic paint available in the U.S.: Liquitex® Basics Acrylic Colors.
    • The first to manufacture "Hue" colors: offering alternatives to heavy metal and fugitive colors.
    • The first artist acrylic available in archival tubes: seven layers of plastic, paper and metal.
    • The first to create iridescent acrylic paint; acrylic enamels and a variety of innovative acrylic mediums including acrylic opaque extender mediums – Ultra Matte Fluid and Gel Mediums; among many others.

    Today, Liquitex offers the largest array of vibrant acrylic paints, mediums and tools to enable acrylic artists to continually explore their art and take it to new and unprecedented boundaries. With our innovative drive, our creative passion and our intense desire to share the joys of artistic expression through unparalleled education and community outreach programs, Liquitex is and will continue to be a strong partner to help artists explore their art for decades to come. 
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    Some More Liquitex History

     In 1955, a company in Cincinnati, Ohio named Permanent Pigments that had been milling oil colors since 1933 and run by a man named Henry Levison launched a new product. This new artists’ color was formulated with an acrylic polymer resin that was emulsified with water. The new color could go from thick to thin and everywhere in between; it would adhere to anything – from canvas to paper to metal to wood to plastic– and it dried quickly for easy re-working, layering, and masking. Most important, it could be thinned and cleaned up with water.

    Levison tried to come up with a name that captured the essence of the medium and the fact that it could go from fluid liquidity to heavy texture and everyplace else in between. The color was called liquid texture or Liquitex .


    Liquitex Timeline

    Henry Levison establishes Permanent Pigments Company, a small, family owned enterprise that makes artists’ oil paint. 

    Henry Levison and other founding members created the National Art Materials Trade Association. The first trade organization dedicated to the advancement of artist materials. 

    Permanent Pigments Company develops the first water-based acrylic gesso called Liquitex ("Liquid Texture").

    The first commercially available water-based fluid acrylic colors are developed, called Soft Body.

    The first heavy bodied, water-based acrylic colors, with a consistency similar to oil paints, are developed, called Heavy Body

    The Lecture Demonstration Program is established: The first program of lectures and demonstrations given by practicing artists, to artists at colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

    The first machine to test paint for lightfastness is developed.

    Becomes the first paint to be packaged in Glaminate tubes. These easy to open tubes (laminated layers of plastic, metal and paper) replace all metal tubes, which are prone to corrosion, cracking and other problems.

    The Art Purchase Program was developed: A program, which purchases artwork from artists nationwide for the corporate collection.

    The Liquitex Studio Arts Advisory Council is created. A group of influential artists and art educators from colleges and universities who meet once a year to discuss the needs of art students, professional artists and art educators.

    The first U.S. fine art, high quality, value series acrylic colors for beginners and students are developed, called Basics.

    Develops new resin system for all its acrylic colors and mediums. New resin system offers the highest quality acrylic paint and mediums ever made: state of the art color clarity, brilliance, and longevity.

    Excellence in Art Purchase Award program started: Cash and product awards for artists.

    The high quality value series, extra opaque and even leveling matte acrylic colors are developed, called BASICS Matt.

    The first super heavy bodied acrylic colors are developed, called Super Heavy Body.

    Liquitex celebrated its 50th Anniversary with refreshed packaging, and new colors.

    50th logo2006
    The innovative new mediums Pouring Medium, String Gel, and Palette Wetting Spray are introduced.

    The super fluid Liquitex acrylic inks! are introduced allowing artists even more acrylic painting versatility.

    Going back to its roots serving mural artists, Liquitex introduces Freestyle Large Scale brushes designed especially for artists that work in large formats. 


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